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These sample videos are to show you my approach, and are routines you can easily learn. Watch each one a few times to learn the routine. Note the small square near the bottom right hand corner of each video with the four outward pointing arrows.

Click it to enlarge the video, hit escape to return!

4421Arthritic HandsStrengthpain, range of motionA little work helps against the pain, builds strength and helps keep the full range of motion.
strengthpain range-of-motion
4426Intro to BalanceBalance and Fall Preventionbalance, fall preventionDon't take balance for granted! Protect yourself against falls and injuries.
balance-fall-preventionbalance fall-prevention
4427Early Morning StretchFlexibility, Strength, Stretchinggeneral healthA great way to start the day!
flexibility strength stretchinggeneral-health
4498Posture 1Strength, Stretchingget ready for fitnessPosture is foolishly ignored by most people. This is an easy step to taking better care of yourself.
strength stretchingget-ready-for-fitness
4975Ron’s Knee WorkoutHumourarms & shoulders, hips, Knees, legs, very funnyMe with an awesome costume!


humourarms-shoulders hips knees legs very-funny
5281Aging CurveGeneral Health
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