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The table below contains exercises of all types for seniors and baby boomers. I have a few hundred videos that will be added to the table over the next couple months. I welcome your suggestions. Please send me a description and a picture if you want to add something to the library.

Many exercises fall into multiple categories and affect numerous muscle groups. I have identified ‘Primary Categories’ (fitness components) and multiple tags (body parts) to help you find the exercises you want. You can search by name, but remember many exercises are called by many different names in different parts of the world. You can put the columns in alphabetical/numerical order by clicking the small arrow to the right of the ‘Title, Categories, or Tag’ headings.

4271Lower Back Stretch with ChairFlexibilityback pain, sciatic PainThis is a great stretch whether or not you have lower back pain. Use a chair or table or even a fence. You can do this anywhere.


flexibilityback-pain sciatic-pain
4303Thigh Stretch – 1 Leg on ChairStretchinghipsPut one foot up on a chair and bend forward with both arms inside the raised leg. Alternate legs. If you try this on a stairway, you can just hang to stretch the raised thigh or lean forward to stretch the other thigh.


4350Lying Arms OverheadFunctional, Stretchingback pain, range of motion, sciatic PainLay on your back and reach your arms overhead as far as you can. Hold it and try to relax. If you can't reach very far, go as far as you can and over time you will be able to increase the reach.
functional stretchingback-pain range-of-motion sciatic-pain
4363Hang On DoorStrengthback painPlace a towel over the top of a door and then hang on it as preparation to do pull ups. This will stretch your upper back and strengthen your hands and forearms
4404Side Plank with arm & leg crunchStrengthbalance, coreGreat core exercise. Takes bit of balance.
strengthbalance core
4406In and OutsStrengthcoreSit and lean back a bit on your hands. Bring your knees up and then extend your feet and lean further back at the same time.
4408Lying BicycleCardiocoreLay on your back with hands behind your head. Cycle your legs as on a bicycle.
4435Rotator Cuff 1Stretchingrotator cuff painStand against a wall or doorway and place you hand as high as you comfortably can. Then lean into the wall and hold.
4436Rotator Cuff 2Flexibilityrotator cuff painStand even with the door jamb or any like structure. Place your hand head high on the wall and turn away from the wall stretching your shoulder and chest.
4437Rotator Cuff 3Flexibilityrotator cuff painBend your elbow so the forearm is parallel to the floor. Hold your elbow to your side and rotate the hand outward.
4453The ChairFunctional, Strengthbuttocks, coreStand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms raised overhead. Then sit back to simulate sitting in a chair. Hold briefly and stand up.
functional strengthbuttocks core
4454Push Up With RotationStrengtharms & shoulders, coreAssume a plank or push up position. Complete a push up and then rotate one arm straight up and then back to the starting position. Alternate arms up.


strengtharms-shoulders core
4455Push Up WalkoutStrengtharms & shoulders, coreFrom a standing position bend and walk your hands out to the pushup position, Do a pushup, raise your head and stand up,
strengtharms-shoulders core
4456Squat on ToesBalance and Fall Preventionlegs and feetStand with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down and then raise up on your toes as you stand up.
4457Dog PointerBalance and Fall Prevention, Coordinationarms & shoulders, legs and feetStarting on your hands and knees, extend one arm and the opposite leg, return to the starting position then extent the other arm and leg.
balance-fall-prevention coordinationarms-shoulders legs-and-feet
4458Punch from Horse StanceCardiocoreStand with your feet wide apart and sink down like you are sitting on a horse. Shoulders back and punch straight out chest high. Alternate hands for a 50 count.
4460Power KneesCardio, StrengthcoreIn a wide stance lean to one side while raising both arms up. Then bring one knee up high while bringing both arms down in a crunch! Think about all the different muscles being used.
cardio strengthcore
4461Side PlankStrengtharms & shoulders, coreRaise yourself on one arm and stack your feet, maybe one foot behind the other to start. Keep your body straight and feel the muscles around your midsection tighten.
strengtharms-shoulders core
4463Bridge with Crossed LegStrengthcore, hipsLay on your back with feet raised on a chair. Cross one leg and push your hips up and hold. Repeat.
strengthcore hips
4464BridgeStrengthcoreLay on the floor with your feet up on chair. Push your hips up and hold for a few seconds. Relax and repeat.
4499InchwormCardiorange of motionFrom a standing start, bend over and walk out on your hands until you are in a plank position. Then walk up with your feet close to your hands. Repeat.
4502Golden GateStrengthcoreLay on your back, feet 6 inches off the ground. Bring your knees to your chest and then extend your feet back down, spread your legs wide and bring them back together. Repeat.
4506Shoulder RollFunctional, Mobilityarms & shouldersIn a standing position lift your shoulders as high as possible, then roll them back and down, forward and up. Repeat then change direction.
functional mobilityarms-shoulders
4507Arm CirclesMobilityback, range of motionIn a standing position raise your arms out to each side, then rotate them in small circles. Gradually make the circles larger until you reach the maximum, then reduce the size. Do them forward, then backwards.
mobilityback range-of-motion
4508Flat Back Roll UpFlexibilityback, coreIn a wide stance, bend your knees and with your hands on your thighs flatten your back. Then arch your back and stand up slowly while rolling your back straight. Repeat.
flexibilityback core
4509Standing Hamstring StretchFlexibilityHamstringsIn a Wide Stance, keep your legs straight and just bend forward and hang there. Let the muscles stretch for 15-20 seconds and then go a bit further.
4510Seated Crossed Leg StretchFlexibility, Stretchingseated stretchSit with your feet flat on the floor. Bring one leg up and place the ankle on the other knee. Then lean forward into a long easy stretch. Alternate legs.
flexibility stretchingseated-stretch
4511Glute Stretch – Eye of the NeedleFlexibility, StretchingGlutesLay on your backwash feet flat on the floor. Cross one leg over the other and reach through to grasp the calf of the down leg. Relax and slowly stretch out.
flexibility stretchingglutes
4512Neck SequenceStretchingNeckThis will stretch your neck in four ways.
4547Rear Deltoids with BandsStrengtharms & shoulders, handsDeltoids are the muscles in the back of your upper arm. Bands are a great inexpensive way to work them.
strengtharms-shoulders hands
45731 leg side raiseBalance and Fall Prevention, Strengthbuttocks, hipsLay on your side and raise the upper leg
balance-fall-prevention strengthbuttocks hips
4574Rolling handsStretchinghands & armsClasp your hands tightly together and roll one over the other
4593Step JacksAgility, Balance and Fall PreventioncoreStart with feet together. Step out to one side while raising your arms overhead. Then step back to the starting point while lowering your arms, and out to the other side while raising your arms again. Ans back to the starting position while lowering them. Keep repeating.
agility balance-fall-preventioncore
4594Heel to Toe WalkBalance and Fall PreventionbalanceWalk heel to toe with your arms out sideways for balance
4595Torso TwistFlexibilitycoreStand with your feet shoulder width apart and simply twist at the waist from left to right and back.


4597Shoulder PulseStrengtharms & shouldersExtend your arms to the sides and pulse upwards 10 times, then downwards frontwards and backwards.
4598ShrugFlexibilityarms & shouldersLift your shoulders up as high as you can and hold it. Relax and repeat several times
4599Shoulder Stretch AssistedStrengtharms & shouldersRaise your left arm out sideways and bring it across your body at shoulder height. Raise your right arm behind the left elbow to help with the stretch,
4600Side LeanFlexibilitycoreStanding with your arms at your sides, just lean sideways and reach down with your hand to touch your leg, pulse it a bit and then do the other side.
4601Side Lean with Reach UpStretchingarms & shoulders, coreIn a wide stance, lean left and reach up to the left with your right hand. Do not rotate your shoulders, just lean left and stretch up. Repeat on the other side.
stretchingarms-shoulders core
4602Side LungeStrengthflexibility, legs and feetTake a wide step to one side into a lunge position, then to the other side. A variation is to step on on the diagonal line.
strengthflexibility legs-and-feet
4603Side to Side Foot RollBalance and Fall Prevention, Functionallegs and feetRoll you feet to one side so you are standing on the outside of one foot and the inside of the other, then roll back to the other side. this is great for the muscles of your feet.
balance-fall-prevention functionallegs-and-feet
4604Skating MotionFunctional, StretchinghipsUse a chair or table for support and push your leg out sideways as if you are on ice skates.
functional stretchinghips
4605Spinal FlexionFlexibilitycoreSpinal flexion is simply bending backwards and then curving your spine forwards.
4606Squat KickCardiocoreStart in a wide stance, so a squat and when coming up out of it execute a front kick. Repeat on the other leg.
4607Deep Squat with WeightsFlexibility, Strengthlegs and feetIn a wide stance go into a deep squat and think about how low you are in the squat. Then grab a light weight (3-5lbs in each hand) and hold it out in front of yourself as you squat. Notice the difference in your depth and ease of the squat.
flexibility strengthlegs-and-feet
4608Squat PressStrengtharms & shoulders, legs and feet
strengtharms-shoulders legs-and-feet
4609Outward Forearm RotationStretchingrotator cuff painStand with your elbow tight to your side and the forearm parallel to the ground. Rotate your forearm outward as far as possible. Return to the front and repeat multiple times with each arm.
4612Back ArchStretchingbackStand with feet shoulder width apart, hands on your hips and arch your back. Hold it for 20 seconds or more. Do it a few times.
4613Forearm Stretch StandingStretchinghands & armsWith your arms at your sides and your palms facing back, flex your wrists so all fingers point upward towards your elbows. Now raise your arms in front of your body and above your head. Then lower your arms as you flex your wrists so your palms are facing away from you. Lower until your arms are slightly behind your body.
4614Standing Hip FlexorFlexibilityhipsTake a long step forward and straighten your back leg. Rotate your hips to the front, then move your weight forward over the front knee. Pulse back and forth a little. Do both sides.
4615Hip Opener StepFlexibility, StretchinghipsFrom a standing position, lift your left leg and swivel your hip wide to the left and put your foot on the ground. Then lift your right leg and do the same in the opposite direction. Repeat.
flexibility stretchinghips
4616Standing Hip HingeFlexibilityhipsIn a shoulder width stance with your hands on your hips, bend forward from the waist until your back is flat. Hold and repeat.
4617Standing Side Lean with WeightsStrengthcoreFeet shoulder width apart, hands overhead with light weights. Lean to one side slowly an then the other. Repeat.
4618Standing Quad StretchStretchinglegs and feetWith a chair for balance and safety, Pull one leg up behind you and hold it for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other leg.
4627Side Leg Raise StandingStretchinglegs and feetStand by a chair or something you can touch for a balance assist. raise one leg sideways to about a 45 degree angle. Do several on each side.
4628Wrist CirclesFunctional, Strengtharms & shoulders, handsHolding your forearms parallel to the ground rotate your hands in circles, first in one direction and then in the other.
functional strengtharms-shoulders hands
4629Star StandBalance and Fall Prevention, FunctionalbalanceStart in a wide stance with your arms straight out at shoulder height. Lean to the left until your right foot comes off the ground. Have chair handy for a balance assist. Hod the position on 1 foot for 20-30 seconds and repeat on the other side.
balance-fall-prevention functionalbalance
4630Triangle StepAgility, Balance and Fall Preventionbalance, legs and feetPicture your feet at one point of a triangle. Step out with your left foot at a 45 degree angle and bring the right foot to it. Step with the right foot across to the third point of the triangle and then back to the starting point with the left and the right. Repeat several times in both directions.
agility balance-fall-preventionbalance legs-and-feet
4631Tummy TuckBalance and Fall Prevention, FunctionalcoreStand with your feet shoulder width apart and then crunch your sternum as close to your belly button as you can. Hold and release.
balance-fall-prevention functionalcore
4648SquatStrengthlegsStand with your feet a bit more than shoulder width apart. Push your butt out backwards and sink down in a sitting position until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold your arms out in front for counter balance. Stand up and repeat.
4649Jumping JacksCardioarms & shoulders, core, legs and feetFrom a standing position with your arms at your sides, jump both legs out sideways wider than your shoulders while raising both arms to touch hands overhead. Then jump back to the starting point.
cardioarms-shoulders core legs-and-feet
4652Push UpStrengtharms & shoulders, coreLay flat on your stomach with your hands a bit wider than your shoulders. Press your body off the ground to the full extent of your arms, supporting yourself on your hands and toes. Push up to the count of 2 and lower yourself to the count of 4.
strengtharms-shoulders core
4654Supine CrunchStrengthcoreLay on your back with your feet flat on the ground, hands behind your head. Look straight up and raise your shoulders off the ground by crunching your core. Don't lift anymore than 2-3 inches, hold and relax. Then repeat.
4655Front JacksBalance and Fall Prevention, Uncategorisedarms & shoulders, legs and feetFrom a normal standing position make a small upward jump and move one foot forward just a few inches and the other foot backward a few inches. Alternate while completing 8-10 jumps.
balance-fall-prevention uncategorizedarms-shoulders legs-and-feet
4656Toe Touch JacksCoordination, Flexibility, Uncategorisedlegs and feet, range of motionFrom a normal standing position do a toe touch out to the right side while touching your hands overhead. Move your right foot back to the middle while lowering your arms to your sides. Repeat by doing a toe touch to the left side.
coordination flexibility uncategorizedlegs-and-feet range-of-motion
4657Simple JumpsBalance and Fall Prevention, Uncategorisedlegs and feetFrom a normal stance just jump a few inches off the ground.
balance-fall-prevention uncategorizedlegs-and-feet
4659Shoulder MovesMobilityrange of motion, rotator cuff painThis motion is a fairly complete set of shoulder moves and I used it when I had a bad rotator cuff injury.
mobilityrange-of-motion rotator_cuff_pain
4660Banana RollStrengthcoreLay on your back with your arms and feet raised slightly. Roll to the left on to your stomach without using your arms or legs to push, continue to complete the rollover and repeat.
4661ButterflyStretchinglegs and feetIn a seated position bring the soles of your feet together. Rock from side to side a bit and then use your hands to grip your feet and pull yourself down toward your feet. Hold the stretch and release.
4662Cat/Dog StretchStretchingback, flexibilityGet down on all fours and arch your back up like a cat, then down like a dog. Repeat.
stretchingback flexibility
4663Child’s PoseStretchingback, flexibilityStart by going down on your knees with the tops of your feet facing downward. Then place your hands straight out in front and just relax and sink as low as you can. A slight variation is to place your hands out on a 45 degree angle first to one side then the other.
stretchingback flexibility
4664ClamBalance and Fall Prevention, StretchingHip Abductors, hipsLay on your side with knees bent and your feet stacked. Raise on one knee to open like a clam. Repeat and do both legs.
balance-fall-prevention stretchinghip-abductors hips
4665Dog PointerBalance and Fall Prevention, Flexibilityarms & legs, coreStart on all fours. Extend one arm straight out in front and the opposite leg straight out backwards. Hold and then alternate.
balance-fall-prevention flexibilityarms-legs core
4673Hindu PushUpCardio, Strengtharms & shoulders, back, coreCombine Downward Dog and Upward Dog to do this pushup. It is great for upper body and core work.
cardio strengtharms-shoulders back core
4691Eye of The NeedleStretchingback pain, sciatic PainLay on your back and cross your right leg over the left knee. Reach through the hole between your legs with your right hand and grasp the lower leg. Also grasp the same lower leg with the left hand. Pull up slightly and hold.
stretchingback-pain sciatic-pain
4692Flutter KickStrengthcoreLay on your back with legs raised 12 inches. Alternate small leg raises.
4693Forearm Stretch On All FoursFlexibility, Stretchingarms, handsGet down on all fours with your hands directly beneath your shoulders, fingers pointing out to the sides. Lean left to increase the stretch on that side, repeat for the other side.
flexibility stretchingarms hands
4694Hamstring Stretch SeatedFlexibilityseated stretchIn a seated position bring your right foot up to your left thigh. Keeping your left leg straight, extend both hands toward your left foot. Hold for long stretch, repeat on the right leg.
4695Chest StretchStretchingarms & shoulders, chestRaise your hands chest high, palms forward. Press both hands backwards into a chest stretch. Hold and or pulse backwards.
stretchingarms-shoulders chest
4697Lying Hip OpenerFlexibility, Functional, MobilityhipsLaying on your back, lift one leg a few inches and turn your foot to the outside and return. Repeat for the other leg.
flexibility functional mobilityhips
4698Leg SizzorsMobilitylegsLying on your back raise one leg high start an exaggerated sizer movement with both legs.
4700Lying Arms SidewaysFunctionalarms & shouldersLay on your back and lay both arms out to the side at shoulder height.
4701Marching AbsStrengthcore, legsLay on your back and raise one knee up. Push it down while bringing up the other knee, just like walking.
strengthcore legs
4702Mason TwistCoordination, StrengthcoreSit back on your sit bones with your legs 10-12 inches off the ground. Clasp your hands in front and then twist your trunk and touch your hands to one hip and then twist to touch the other,
coordination strengthcore
4703Bear CrawlCoordination, Strengtharms & shoulders, coreBend over to place your hands on the ground and walk like a bear.
coordination strengtharms-shoulders core
4704Mountain ClimberCardioarms & shoulders, core, legsPlace your hands on the ground with one leg up and the other extended backwards. Keep your hands stationary while jump switching your legs.
cardioarms-shoulders core legs
4705PigeonFlexibilitylegsOn your knees place one foot in front of the other knee (cross-body) an flatten out your body increasing the stretch in the knee.
4706Seated Knee to Opposite Shoulder StretchStretchingbuttocks, sciatic PainIn a seated position cross your left leg over the right thigh. With your left hand push the left knee toward the right shoulder helping with the right hand. The stretch is in the left buttock.
stretchingbuttocks sciatic-pain
4707PlankBalance and Fall Prevention, Strengtharms & shoulders, coreAssume a push up position and hold it with your core engaged.
balance-fall-prevention strengtharms-shoulders core
4708Prone CobraStrength, Stretchingback, coreIn a prone position, reach your arms out in front thumbs pointing up. Spread your arms wide and bring them down by your sides at the same time as you raise your head and shoulders as high as possible.


strength stretchingback core
4709Runners Stretch With RotationFlexibility, Stretchinghips, legsTake a long step forward with your left foot and move your weight to the left leg. Place both hands beside the left foot. Rotate your core and extend your left arm upward.
flexibility stretchinghips legs
4719SupermanStrengthcore, legsLay in a prone position with your arms extended overhead. then lift your upper body off the ground while also lifting both legs off the ground.


strengthcore legs
4720Knee Push UpsStrengtharms & shoulders, coreFrom a prone position do a push up but only raise your body from the knees.
strengtharms-shoulders core
4721Donkey KickStrength, Stretchingcore, legsGet down all fours and kick one leg back and up.
strength stretchingcore legs
4722Pelvic Tilt on 1 KneeMobilityhipsGet down on one knee and thrust you pelvis forward a few inches. Do both sides
4723Knee Lift IsometricallyStrengthlegsSeated on a chair lift one knee slightly and hold it down with one hand. Continue to exert force with both.
4725Sit and ReachFitness TestflexibilitySit on the edge of a chair and extend your legs. Bend forward and reach toward your toes. How far are you from your toes at the maximum. Record it.
4726Squat With ChairStrengthcore, legsSquat down into a chair but do not actually sit in it. Stop just as your butt touches the chair. Stand up and repeat.
strengthcore legs
47271 Leg Pull UpFunctional, Uncategorisedhips, legsLay on your back and lift one leg, grasp the foreleg with both hands and pull up slowly. Make this a long stretch.
functional uncategorizedhips legs
4730Heels To The SkyStrengthcoreLay on your back with your legs straight up. Hold on to a counter weight of some kind and raise your hips off the ground, just pulse upward.
4731Foot SequenceBalance and Fall Prevention, Functionalbalance, FeetSit on a chair or couch and extend your feet. Follow the moves in the video to build strength in muscles we rarely thin about,
balance-fall-prevention functionalbalance feet
4732Warrior 1 & 2Strength, Stretchingcore, legsTake a long step forward with hour arms straight overhead. Rotate your hips to the front. Move your weight to the forward leg and hold. A variation is Warrior 2.
strength stretchingcore legs
48271 Leg Lateral Outside DropFlexibility, MobilityhipsLay on your back, raise one knee, rotate and your hip outward. Let the weight of your leg draw it toward the floor. Repeat on both sides.
flexibility mobilityhips
4828Walking Torso TwistFunctional, StretchingcoreWhile walking simply emphasize your arm swings so you are twisting your torso side to side.
functional stretchingcore
4829Upright RowingStrengthhands & armsWith your feet shoulder width apart, hold light weights in front of your body. Keeping the weights together raise both hands mouth high and lower them. Repeat.
4830Walk with Increasing Arm SwingMobilitywarm upStart walking slowly on the spot. Slowly increase the height of your step and of your arm swing until your knees are coming quite high and your arms are at full extension.
4831Walking On Your ToesAgility, Balance and Fall Prevention, Functional, StrengthbalanceRise up on your toes and walk around the house. Go in all directions, jump a little.
agility balance-fall-prevention functional strengthbalance
4832WalkOut Push-UpsStrengtharms & shoulders, back, coreFrom a standing position bend forward and place your palms on the ground. Then walk your hands out forward until you are in full plank position, do a push up and walk back to the starting point and stand up.
strengtharms-shoulders back core
4833LungeCoordination, Functional, Strengthback, core, legsFrom a normal stance, take a long step forward and then bend the back knee until it almost touches the ground. Straighten the back leg if you like for a real good stretch. Otherwise, otherwise take another step and repeat.
coordination functional strengthback core legs
4834Walking Lunge Hands-Behind Your headAgility, Balance and Fall Prevention, Strengthback, core, legsWith your hands clasped behind your head step out into a forward lunge. Take your time and keep going forward.
agility balance-fall-prevention strengthback core legs
4835Wall SlidesFunctional, Strength, StretchingbackStand with your arms held overhead, palms forward. Imagine you are standing with your back to a wall, slide your arms down so the backs of your hands stay in contact with the wall.


functional strength stretchingback
4836Washing MachineStretchingwarm upStand loosely and swing your arms from side to side while twisting your torso side to side.
4837Warrior 1Flexibility, Mobility, Strengthback, flexibilityTake a long step forward and keep your weight entered. Rotate your hips so they are straight froward. Raise both arms straight overhead and move your weight over the front knee. The stretch will be in the lower back and buttock. If it hurts back out a bit. Hold and repeat.
flexibility mobility strengthback flexibility
4839Open Arms, Collapse to Flat BackFunctional, Mobility, Strength, Stretchingarms & shoulders, back, core, legsIn a normal stance open your arms wide in a back arch. Then collapse forward and raise your arms high behind you.
functional mobility strength stretchingarms-shoulders back core legs
4840Standing Inner Thigh StretchFlexibility, MobilitylegsIn a very wide stance, keep your upper body tall, hands on your hips and move your weight to one side stretching the opposite inner thigh. Do not turn your shoulders. Just move sideways. Repeat on both sides.
flexibility mobilitylegs
4841Standing Inner Thigh Stretch with WeightsStrength, Stretchingarms & shoulders, coreHolding light weights in each hand, step out into a wide squat like stance while pressing the weights overhead. Back to the start and repeat on both sides.
strength stretchingarms-shoulders core
4842SquatsFunctional, Strengthcore, legsWith your feet shoulder width apart, extend your arms in front as a counterbalance, stick your butt out and sit down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Hold and return to standing position.
functional strengthcore legs
4934BurpeeAgility, Cardio, Flexibility, Mobility, Strengtharms & shoulders, back, core, hands, legs and feetBurpees work the major muscle groups and get your heart going very quickly. This is one of the most intense exercises and it will take you some work to build up the strength and endurance to do these.
agility cardio flexibility mobility strengtharms-shoulders back core hands legs-and-feet
5071Low CraneBalance and Fall Prevention, FunctionalbalancePlace all your weight on your right foot, lift the left foot off the ground and bring it to your right ankle. Extend your arms sideways to help with maintaining your balance. Hold and then change legs.
balance-fall-prevention functionalbalance
6179Back PatFlexibility, Stretchingarms & shoulders, flexibilityRaise one arm straight overhead and drop the hand behind your neck. Reaching own as far as possible, just tap your spine.
flexibility stretchingarms-shoulders flexibility
6180Lizard WalkFlexibility, Strengtharms & shoulders, core, hipsStart on the floor on all fours. Reach forward with your left hand and the right leg at the same time. Then the right hand and left leg. Notice how your hips swivel as you step. This exercise is great for the hands, arms, and shoulders while at the same time working the core and hips.
flexibility strengtharms-shoulders core hips
6181Scapular Push UpStrengtharms & shoulders, backStart in full plank position. Squeeze your shoulder blades together dropping your upper body slightly. Then extend your arms fully pushing yourself back up. Keep repeating.
strengtharms-shoulders back
6182Ankle CirclesAgility, Balance and Fall Preventionbalance, FeetLift one foot off the ground and rotate your foot making circles with your toes. First in one direction and then the opposite direction.
agility balance-fall-preventionbalance feet
6183Alternate Arms UpFlexibility, Mobility, Stretchingarms & shoulders, backIn a standing position raise both arms fully overhead. Then extend one further while retracting the other a bit. Reach up as far as possible, hold for a few seconds and then alternate arms.
flexibility mobility stretchingarms-shoulders back
6184Back Arch, Arms Up, Down and Up BehindFlexibility, Functional, Stretchingarms & shoulders, back, coreStart in a standing position arms by your sides. Raise both arms out to the sides while opening your plans upwards and leaning back into a back arch. Stretch for few seconds and then collapse forward to a partial squat while reaching your arms up and behind you as far as possible. Hold for a few seconds and repeat.
flexibility functional stretchingarms-shoulders back core
6185Blade SqueezeFlexibility, Functionalarms & shoulders, backIn a standing position, hold both arms out sideways parallel to the ground. Then move your arms backwards as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Release and repeat. Drop your arms to your sides and do the same shoulder blade squeeze.
flexibility functionalarms-shoulders back
6186Boomerang Side StretchAgility, Stretchingarms & shoulders, back, range of motionStart standing in a doorway and place your left hand on the doorjamb midway between your shoulders and your waist. Reach your right hand over the top and place it on the same doorjamb about head high. Hold and feel the stretch on the right side. Now swivel to the right and place your right hand midway between waist and shoulder reaching over the top with your left hand. Hold for a few seconds and repeat.


agility stretchingarms-shoulders back range-of-motion
6228Inline WalkBalance and Fall Preventionbalance, fall preventionWalk in a straight line placing one foot right in front to the other. Go forward and backward.
balance-fall-preventionbalance fall-prevention
6229Diagonal LungeAgility, Balance and Fall Preventionbalance, FeetComplete a lunge step on a 45 degree angle to the front left, back to a standing position and then to the right.
agility balance-fall-preventionbalance feet
6230Side PlankFunctional, StrengthcoreThe side plank is to strengthen your oblique abdominals. Support your body on one hand and either or both feet. Hold for up to a minute or more.
functional strengthcore
6231Full Plank-Knee PlankFunctional, StrengthcoreStart with a knee plank and build strength to do a full plank
functional strengthcore
6232Cross Over Toe TouchFlexibility, Functionalhips, range of motionIn a wide stance, bend and touch your right toes with your left hand, stand up and repeat touching your left toes with your right hand.
flexibility functionalhips range-of-motion
6234Step Back with Arms UpFlexibility, Functional, Stretchingback, flexibility, sciatic PainIn a standing position step back with one leg while reaching overhead with both arms and arching your back. Return to the starting position and step back with the other leg. Repeat.
flexibility functional stretchingback flexibility sciatic-pain
6235Curtsey StretchAgility, Flexibilityarms & legs, back, balanceStep back into a curtsey position with one leg while raising the opposite arm overhead and leaning slightly toward the curtsey side. Hold and repeat on the other side.
agility flexibilityarms-legs back balance
6236Running On The SpotCardio, Warm Upget ready for fitnessThis is a warm up exercise. Run on the spot to get muscles loose and your heart pumping.
cardio warm-upget-ready-for-fitness
6237Body BraceStrengtharms & legs, back, chest, core, hands & armsLay on the ground or anywhere and think about tightening every muscle at the same time. Start with pointing your toes, feeling your calves tighten, then your thighs, core, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and fingers. All at once. Hold and repeat several times.
strengtharms-legs back chest core hands-arms
6238Child’s Pose with Wide KneesFlexibility, Stretchingback, back painOn the ground on your knees with your toes pointed behind you. Knees as wide apart as possible. Lean forward to put your head on the ground with your arms stretched out in front of you. Just relax and hold for a minute or two.
flexibility stretchingback back-pain
6239Push Ups for Fitness TestFitness TestStrengthFrom a prone position, raise your body weight using only your arms. If you cannot support your weight on your arms and toes, just raise up from your knees. Later you will be strong enough to do a complete push up.


6240Crunches for Fitness TestFitness TestFitness TestLay on your back with your feet in the air. Crunch your abdominal muscles as you reach your hands up toward your feet. reach as far as possible and then relax. Repeat as many times as possible.
6241High Knee WalkWarm Uplegs and feetWalk while lifting each knee as high as possible.
6242High Knee SkipWarm Upwarm upSkip a step while raising each knee as high as possible.
6243Straight Leg WalkWarm Upwarm upWalk while lifting your legs straight out in front of you.
6244Walk On All Four EdgesBalance and Fall Preventionfall prevention, FeetWalk on each edge of your feet for 20 steps. Start with your toes, then heels, outside edge and then inside edge.
balance-fall-preventionfall-prevention feet
6245Egg BeatersFlexibilityhipsIn a standing position with a balance assist if needed, lift one leg and make large figure eights with your foot. Then do the other leg.
6246Seated Hip FlexorAgility, Functional, StretchinghipsSit sideways on a chair to support on buttock while reaching back with the other leg. Lean slightly backward and feel hip stretch. Repeat on both sides.
agility functional stretchinghips
6247Partial SquatStrengthcore, legsStand in front of a chair and squat until you just barely touch the chair in a sitting position but do not sit. Stand up again and repeat as many times as possible.
strengthcore legs
6248Sit/StandFitness TestFitness TestStand in front of a chair with your arms folded. Sit on the chair and stand up. Repeat as many times as possible.
6249Sit and ReachFitness TestFitness TestSit on the edge of a chair with your legs out and toes pointed up. Lean forward and reach tower your toes. Estimate the number of inches between your finger tips and your toes. Write it down.
6250Towel Squat RaiseAgility, Flexibilityarms & legs, arms & shoulders, coreUsing a small towel or stretch band, raise your arms overhead pulling outward on the towel/band as you complete a full squat. Repeat.
agility flexibilityarms-legs arms-shoulders core
6251Arm Curls for Fitness TestFitness TestFitness TestUsing dumbbells do as many curls as possible.
6252Wall SitFitness TestFitness Test, lower body strengthPlace your back against a wall and slide down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Time how long you can sit there and record it as one of your benchmarks.
fitness-testfitness-test lower-body-strength
6253Aerobic TestFitness TestFitness TestWalk outside or on a treadmill for five minutes. Walk as quickly as you can and record how far you get. This is an aerobic benchmark against which you will measure yourself.


6324Windshield WipersBalance and Fall PreventionFeetSit on a chair with both feet out in front resting on your ankles, toes pointing up. Swivel both feet at the same time to the left and then back to the right, like windshield wipers. Continue for 1 minute.
6341Runners StretchAgility, Flexibility, Stretching, Warm Upflexibility, hipsStart in a wide spread stance. Turn to the right with both feet and place both palms on the ground inside the right foot. Try to straighten the left leg and hold for a few breaths. Then slowly move your body forward increasing the stretch. Hold for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.
agility flexibility stretching warm-upflexibility hips