///Got Milked?

Got Milked?

The Great Dairy Deception and Why You’ll Thrive Without Milk

Author:  Alissa Hamilton
Publisher:  William Morrow
Year: 2016
Edition:  Kindle, ibooks
Price: $17.72

I bought it on Amazon Prime.


My interest in nutrition gave me the desire to read this book because I wanted to be aware of the questions asked. And to see if there are valid reference sources backing up the claims made. The book deals with the question, “Is milk good for you?”

The author’s purpose is to discuss how milk has come to occupy its position in our world today. She also wants to have us question our own position on this product and its place in our food supply.

Questions Raised

  1. Why has there been so much government support for the dairy industry?
  2. How did the facts get so twisted? Did they get twisted?
  3. Does milk really contribute to a healthy lifestyle?
  4. Are dairy industry claims about nutrients in milk true?
  5. Can those same nutrients be more readily obtained elsewhere?
  6. Are those same nutrients more economically available elsewhere?
  7. We need calcium, but cows don’t produce milk, they eat grasses that contain calcium. Why not cut out the middle man and skip all that milkfat.
  8. Conflicting Claims regarding the merits of milk.

The book starts off questioning why we believe the claims the dairy industry makes without questioning them. She explains their marketing history and how they have built such a reputation.

Over the last several years I have been researching and studying nutrition in depth.  I am coming to the conclusion that we, as a society, have only very recently begun to understand nutrition.

Are we Victims of Marketing?

The dairy industry has done a great job convincing us that their products are absolutely necessary for our own health. But we are now looking seriously at the levels of obesity, and becoming more aware of nutritional science.  Many people no longer blindly accept the marketing claims that are put forth.

Reading the history as laid out in this book is quite interesting. I saw my own family and my childhood in many of the chapters. The book provides a review of the nutrients in milk.  The discussion of their actual nutritive value that follows compared to other food sources is eye opening.

One particular note is the impact of cow’s milk on children born by caesarian birth as opposed to vaginal birth. You will want to check that out!

The author provides a list of references for all sources of information in this book. I have checked into several claims using the references provided and found the sources very credible. But don’t take my word for that, check it out yourself.

My Conclusion

It is a worthwhile read and provides a lot of useful information. I enjoyed reading this book. Like most of you, I grew up drinking milk because everyone said I must. When I stopped drinking it regularly, I am not exactly sure. I think it was in my teenage years.  Why I stopped, I am not sure, seems I just didn’t like it anymore. Now I use Silk on my cereal when I have it, and we just don’t have milk in the house.

Let me know your opinion.


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