Fitness Components

Fitness Components

Fitness components are just as important as we age as when we were 30 years old. As we age our attitudes often change and we become more concerned with ‘just getting through the day’ and forget that each of the fitness components below add critical value to our day to day lives.

Each of the fitness components listed below contributes to overall fitness and health. As a result, if we want to be healthy we need to work on all of them. Most activities will have you working on one or more of the components at the same time. The more active you are, and the more varied your activities, the better off you will be. The one component usually ignored is ‘nutrition‘.  

  • Aerobics -getting the energy needed from your heart and lungs. Ever see someone get winded from going up a flight of stairs, or just walking a bit? 
  • Strength - maintaining your muscle mass and the ability to open a jar, pick up a bag groceries or you grandchild.
  • Flexibility - being able to easily move through a full range of bodily motions.
  • Agility – the ability to move quickly and gracefully. This can also be applied to your mental ability to think quickly.
  • Balance - the ability to maintain control of your body through its support base whether stationary or mobile. 
  • Posture  (yes…I said posture) Keeping your body properly aligned and why?
  • Nutrition - the fuel we put into our bodies (this is at least 70% of fitness!) 

Now that you what the components are, you can ensure you are working on them in such a way as to positively impact your ‘Aging Curve‘. You will recognize the components in these sample videos or as you observe others working out in a gym, or in a park. 

Beyond The Basics

If you are already fit, then you are likely doing some work on all or most of the mentioned components. And you know they are all important. As I get older I find more value in stacking exercises so I work more muscles at the same time. It shortens my workouts but takes more energy.

I am now aware that I have a limited amount of energy and I need to spread it out over the whole day. When I was younger that was never an issue. It makes no sense if I use all my energy for an incredible workout, and then cannot do anything else but sleep the rest of the day.

So I find myself looking for ways to be more efficient, still do workouts that address all the components above and have something left to live the rest of my day!

Functional Fitness Components

Many people become so dependent on others they need help to: 

  1. get in and out of bed
  2. get in and out of a car
  3. sit down and stand up again
  4. get up off a floor
  5. pick up a bag of groceries
  6. reach up to a high shelf to get something
  7. walk around the block
  8. get on and off a toilet
  9. go up and down stairs
  10. and as incredible as it sounds, sometimes even cleaning their backside

Obviously these people have crossed the dependency threshold (see Aging Curve) and have severe restrictions. However, you can still exercise; doing something is better than doing nothing. See why being overweight is bad for you. They can still exercise even though ‘Pain Restricted’ or have heart disease. 


Are you experiencing any of this?

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