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Are You Ready To Transform your life?

Tired of Being Very Unfit and Not Exercising or Eating Well?

This course is the first step to changing your life.

You may feel a bit embarrassed by others your age who exercise regularly and are obviously in good health. That does not have to continue. And you shouldn’t feel embarrassed, the fact that you are starting to do something about it will put you ahead of many many people. More importantly, it will put you ahead of where you are right now.

If you follow this plan, you will start to become like them, a healthy person.

Get ready to feel a little sore. Those who are continually active are familiar with ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’. It refers to the little things that hurt a day or so after working out. It’s normal!

Remember, if you haven’t used your muscles for a long time and then you do, they are just telling you they are working and recovering. When you use muscles they break down a little, then they rebuild. That is the natural process. There will be some inflammation and some swelling. That means a little pain.

We are going to take this one step at a time. This course will help you get used to exercising on a regular schedule. That is the first habit we will change.

Please do not try to do any more than that. If you do, you will likely fail because it is very hard to change more than one thing at a time in your life. Then you may say the course did not work for you.

The course is 16 weeks long. That’s 4 months. Why so long some of you are saying.

Well, because I want you to start with a course where you will see and feel positive results. That way, you will feel good about the effort you put in and will be more likely to continue your efforts.

There are 16 lessons, each covers 1 week. After the first 3 weeks you should again complete the Fitness Test you did in the ‘Introduction to Fitness’ course. Don’t expect to see monstrous changes but you will see and feel some changes by then. Do it again after another 3 weeks, then maybe 1 month later and at the end of this course.

Please send me the results so I can see how well you did, or didn’t do.

I promise if you stick with it, four months from now you will know you made a good decision.