An Introduction To Fitness

It’s not easy to get fit! If you are really unfit, you didn’t get there overnight. It has likely taken years. We have all seen and heard the ads promising you only need to do ‘this routine’ for 10 minutes a day to get fit.

I hope you realize that’s all nonsense!

What you really need to get fit, is the willingness to learn some new skills, the discipline to do the work, and a resource to guide you on the road to your new fitness lifestyle. It is not easy to do. I want to be that resource and I want to help you raise your Aging Curve.

This introductory course is for those who are unfit who want to change their lives. You may or may not be overweight, but you likely have little to no experience with exercising. You may not know how to start, what to do or how hard to do it. You may have been unsuccessful at losing weight with various diet solutions.

The course objective is to get you started on your road to fitness with just a bit of knowledge. You will continue to learn more later on. After you pass this course, you should consider the next step:

‘Fitness for the Unfit, Level 1! A 30 day exercise and nutrition plan.

In the box, you can see the course modules. These modules contain lessons which may be followed by quizzes. A score of 80% is required to pass the quizzes. The modules may contain reading text, videos and PDF tools you can download and use immediately!

I take the time you will spend on this course very seriously!

I want you to succeed!

Thank You for signing up, now let’s get started!


Course Materials

Reading text, Aging Curve video, PDF documents for your goal setting and your workout planning.