My Fitness Level

My Fitness Level2018-08-24T10:33:29-06:00

The purpose here is set to a baseline for your fitness level, something against which to measure your progress or improvement.

To succeed with your fitness plan, you need:

-a sustainable workout program that you understand

-realistic measurable goals set by you with a bit of outside direction (that’s me)

-someone to hold you accountable and to push occasionally (I am here to push if that’s what you need).

No matter what the results are: it is your true starting point.

You are only measuring improvements in yourself.

Fool other people if you want…but don’t fool yourself here.

What Is Your Fitness Level Now?

Do the following seven exercises and write down the result.      Date:________

1) Push-ups to test your upper body strength. 

If you cannot do a full push-up, do them on your knees. It is just a starting point. How many can you do? Write it down.

Maximum # of push-ups_______From Knees or Full_______

2) Arm curls to test your upper body strength. 

Use a weight you can handle between 2 -10 lbs. Either sitting or standing, with your arms hanging straight down, curl one arm up from the elbow through the full range of motion without moving the upper arm. Return to the starting position and do the other arm. Do as many as you can.

Maximum # of curls – left arm____right arm____

3) A wall sit to test your lower body strength. 

Put your back against a wall; feet shoulder width apart about half a step away from the wall. Slide down until your thighs are about parallel with the floor. Just like you’re sitting on a chair. Hold as long as you can, and time yourself.

How long can you hold that position? Write the time down. Minutes______Seconds______

4) A Chair Stand to test your lower body strength.

Put a chair against a wall or table so it won’t move. Sit with your feet shoulder width apart and flat on the floor. Cross your arms over your chest or keep them at your sides and stand all the way up, then sit all the way down. Do as many as you can and write it down.

Maximum # of chair stands______

5) Crunches  to test your abdominal strength.

I don’t care about your form at this point, just do your best. You are only measuring improvements against yourself. From lying on your back with both feet raised straight up, bring your shoulders off the floor reaching as high as possible toward your toes, then back to the floor. How many can you do? Write it down.

Maximum # of crunches______

6) Forward bends to test your flexibility.

Stand with your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Keeping your legs straight, bend forward sliding your hands down your thighs as far as possible. Note how far down you go and approximately how many inches you are from your toes. Write it down.

Number of inches from my toes______

7) Your aerobic fitness.

You can do this inside if you have a treadmill or go outside. Walk as quickly as possible for five minutes and note how far you went on the treadmill or how far you went down the street or around the block. Write it down.

How far did I get?________________________

Remember, it doesn’t matter how many repetitions of each exercise you can do now. The purpose of the test is to determine the starting point for your fitness level today…in a month you will do it again to measure your progress.! Then you will continue to measure your progress over time. You may even change your baseline as your fitness increases.

Each item is simple to test and provides a simple monitoring method. When you see improvement, you will be more likely to keep at it.

You have a starting point. Now you need to set a goal or goals that are realistic, sustainable and measurable.