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Fitness Training for Baby Boomers and Seniors

The Top 10 Biological Markers of Aging are:

  1. decrease in muscle mass
  2. decrease in strength
  3. slowing of metabolic rate
  4. increase in body fat percentage
  5. decrease in aerobic capacity
  6. decrease in blood sugar tolerance
  7. increase in cholesterol
  8. increase in blood pressure
  9. decrease in bone density
  10. decrease in ability to control temperature

Get all the details in my FREE Book right now! We don’t get old or sick because of the number of years we live.


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The Borg Scale

The Borg Scale of perceived  exertion is a method of getting familiar with how it feels to work out at different levels.

When you combine it with the ‘Target Heart Rate’ calculator below and your ‘Fitness Goals’ you can determine how hard to work out during each specific workout in order to accomplish your goals. 

After you download the Borg Scale and the Target heart Rate Calculator below, stick them on your Fridge or the wall where you exercise so you see them daily!

Borg Scale
Download The Borg Scale

Target Heart Rate Calculator

Download the calculator and enter your age. It is a Microsoft Excel sheet so you will need Excel for it to work.

After a bit of testing with the Borg Scale you will readily know the exertion  level at which you are working. After a bit more testing you will recognize the relationship between the feelings of exertion and different heart rates.

If your target heart rate for the next month is set at 50% of maximum, you can see the target rate for that time period is 79 bpm.

Using these tools you can build up your heart muscle. You can make it stronger, able to pump more blood more efficiently.

Record your resting heart rate. I take mine when I first wake up in the morning before I get out of bed. It is now 51 beats per minute. When I am exercising I constantly check my recovery rate. That is after exertion, how long does it take for my heart rate to come back down. For example, if my heart rate is 68 when I begin my workout and I do something that quickly raises it quite high, say 140, how many minutes does it take to come back down to the starting point?

If it is 90 – 120 seconds I think that is pretty good. If it takes much longer, I am likely overdoing it so I would ease up on the exertion level.

Keep Safety in mInd!

Download Target Herat Rate Calculator

My Fitness Goals

Blank Goals and Objectives Worksheet
Download Your Copy

Rons Sample Goal Worksheet

Download Ron’s Sample Goal Worksheet

A Fitness Test for Those New to Exercise

DownLoad Fitness Test

Buying Fitness Equipment

I am arranging a method of providing you with any and all fitness equipment through an online system. It will be available in the next few months and will save you money, so stay tuned.

In the meantime,

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