Do I Need Equipment?

Do I Need Equipment?2019-01-11T17:20:33-06:00

Do You Need Equipment? Absolutely NOT! You can exercise and get fit without equipment.   But It Is More fun with a few pieces! Here is what I have at home.

You will find this equipment with widely ranging prices. I have been using various types for years and I can help you find great values and even discounted pricing.


A Treadmill is good for walking and running. Especially when the weather is bad and you don’t want to go outdoors.

I suggest you play around with carrying 2-5 lb weights in each hand so you can work more muscles while on the treadmill.  You work your hands and arms while walking and increase the calorie burn.

The proper use of a treadmill will help you reach your goal. The improper use will waste lots of time.

Weight Bench

This is a simple incline bench you can use for leg work and wide variety of upper body work. A very inexpensive addition to your home gym.

Rowing Machine

One of the best pieces of equipment you can own. Try one at a local store and think about all the different muscles used when rowing.

Rowing Machine

Recumbent Bicycle

Walking and cycling are great exercises outdoors. But sometimes you can’t get outdoors. This you can do in front of a TV and I like mine because it generates its own electrical power for the readout screen.

Rowing Machine

Dumbbell Rack

My dumbbells range from 2 lbs to 40 lbs. I don’t need heavy ones, remember my age! I need to place some stress on my muscles to constantly build new muscle tissue. I am not building larger muscles, just maintaining my current strength.

Rowing Machine

Heavy Bag

I love this piece. Putting the gloves on and spending 15 – 20 minutes beating up on it gives me a great heart/lung workout as well as working hands, arms, core, legs, feet. Plus, I get to work on balance and agility. All this is one short workout.  Geez, I think I should do this a lot more often.

Rowing Machine

Various Balls And Rollers

I use the weighted balls for balance and reaching exercises. The rollers for myofacial release which helps with mobility and pain issues.

Rowing Machine

Stretch bands

These coloured bands are the least expensive pieces of equipment and can be used to replace a lot of weights. Each color has a different tensile strength so these are terrific when you are just getting started.

Rowing Machine


Variety, Variety, Variety! That is the reason I have this equipment. I work out at home most of the time but I still go to a gym periodically. I am always looking for new ideas. I buy every workout CD and watch all the new fads and methods that come along, I pick out what I like and discard the rest.

I don’t work out just to workout. My purpose is to maintain my current appearance, body composition and fitness level.

It’s like food. Eating the same meals over and over get boring very quick. Exercises are same. Variety keeps me interested and focused.

These are examples and I will add more. Now check out the Fitness Tools.