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Closing the Gap between ‘where you are at now’ and ‘where you want to be’ is where all the work and fun lie.

Spend some time learning the components below and you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

1) How To Work Out!

  • Step By Step Instructions To Help You Learn
  • A little knowledge will help you to avoid ‘All the Fitness Fads’

Save time and money by learning to make your own decisions with little help from me as needed.

3) Do I Need Equipment?

Yes. It will add to the variety and enjoyment but it will cost a bit.

No. There are many, many body weight exercises. And you can save money. Maybe get some equipment a bit later.

There are pros and cons either way, but equipment is just not absolutely necessary. Over the years I have acquired a good selection but I use less and less as I get older.

Here is what I have available!

5) Exercise Library

There are many exercise videos showing you how I do them. As you exercise, think about the purpose of each move. What muscle(s) are you using, how does it feel, do you like it, what is the purpose. Be mindful, be present in what you are doing and you will get much more benefit from exercising. If you don’t know the purpose or don’t like it…don’t do it!

While there are many videos in the library, I am always adding more so keep checking for new ones. As you do each try to think of variations like the following: when doing a push up, try moving your hands to different positions, a bit further apart, a bit closer together, a bit further ahead or one hand up and one hand down. Do this all the time and you will stumble on many interesting variations. Send me your favourites and I will add them to the library.

2) How Hard Should I Work Out?

This takes a little time to figure out. It is very, very easy to overdo it.

If you don’t do this right, you will almost certainly overtrain, get sore and likely drop out. Your intensity level depends on your current fitness level and your goals.

So take your time, you will enjoy it more if you learn to do it right!

4)  Safety

This is all about you and only you!

You must be present, that is have the right mindset when working out. Be aware of your body. Injuries take time to heal and that is not how you are planning to spend your time…is it?

So take your time and do it right! Learn something about your own Safety!

6) Fitness Tools

This starts with getting specific measurements around your own Fitness Level today!

If you don’t do this, you will most certainly overtrain, get sore and likely drop out.

There are a variety of tools to download and use to monitor your progress.

So take your time and do it right!