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FytSense 101, outlines ‘Ron’s 4 Step FytSense’ plan. This will be used over and over as you transform your body into a healthier state. The four steps come from my career as a business turnaround consultant.

I started every project by evaluating my client’s Current Situation (Step 1).  Were they in control of their business, pricing badly, not selling enough, poor quality staff, employees making more money than the owners, were they good managers, did they really understand the ‘Business of Business’ ?

Once I knew their starting situation, we could identify roadblocks or the things that were holding them back, things like, not enough money, don’t know how to sell, poorly trained people etc..

(Step 2) Then we would set priorities and identify specific goals.

There was always a gap between where they were and where they wanted to be. (Gap Analysis, Step 3). So we identified what they needed to know or learn in order to close the gap .

And finally, (Step 4) how would they hold themselves accountable for the results?

The same ‘4 Step Process’ will help you improve your health and fitness. You need a clear understanding of your current situation in order to begin making and measuring improvements.

So, if you are new to exercising, the 4 Step Process is:

Step 1 – What is your Fitness Level now?

Step 2 – What do you want it to be and when do you want it?

Step 3 – What do you need to know or learn to accomplish that?

Step 4 – How will you measure your progress or lack of progress?

Often people don’t know what they want or their goals are just not realistic. You might have a dream becoming a champion senior body builder, but if you are 65 years old, have very bad asthma and have never exercised…it’s not likely to happen.

If you are not physically able to do the required work, or cannot afford the time or money to get to the goal, you likely will not achieve the goal.

Ron’s 4 Steps to Fitness’  are exactly the same approach I used successfully in hundreds of businesses all over north America. Depending on your current state of fitness, you might be like the child in the picture, it might seem like a long, long way up. but remember, it is never too late to start.

However little you do will be better than doing nothing!

child with hard climb ahead

Here’s a detailed example of ‘Ron’s 4 Steps to FytSense’.

Click each box to ‘Flip it’.

Step 1 - Current Situation

What's Your Starting Point?

Describe How You Feel About Your body!

I am 30-40 lbs overweight, feel sluggish all the time, bending over to tie my shoes is uncomfortable, I don’t exercise and I don’t eat well!

Step 3 - Closing the Gap Between Step 1 & 2

What Do I Need To Do Or Learn To Succeed?

FytSense 101

  • How to workout!
  • How hard to workout!
  • Do I need equipment and how do I use it properly!
  • Functional movement workouts!
  • How do I workout safely
  • How do I ensure success?

That’s half of it…the other half is to learn something about NUTRITION!

Step 2 - My Goal

What has to change to accomplish the goal?

Specific, Measurable & Realistic?

I want to change the way I see myself  by losing 15 lbs. in the next 3 months.

Step 4 - Motivating Myself

How do I avoid losing interest?

Small Purposeful Steps with Targeted Outcomes

‘4 Steps To FytSense’ is set up for your success. Small steps that you understand and can be sustained week after week are the key!

There is no one step that is more important than the other.

Each plays a critical role in your success.

If you haven’t exercised for years, take the Unfit Test below to get a starting point.

Get Your Fit Test for The Unfit

Picture What Your Life Will Be Like When You Raise Your Aging Curve

Can you do that?

Close your eyes and picture your life if you’re a bit healthier, a bit more fit, a bit thinner!