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Fytsense Club Benefits

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Fitness Tools Library

All the Tools You Need to Set Goals and Monitor Progress to 'Live Better Longer'

Includes the Following:

  • A Fitness Test for the Unfit
  • Your Own Fitness Goals Worksheet
  • Your Own Workout Planning Guide
  • My Monthly Newsletter to Keep You Learning
  • A Target Heart Rate Calculator
  • The Borg Scale to Measure Your Intensity
  • Written Instructions for each!

Exercise Video Library

Hundreds of Exercises and Constantly Growing


  • Stretching Exercises
  • Strength Building Exercises
  • Balance and Fall Prevention Exercises
  • Agility Building Exercises
  • Endurance Building Exercises
  • Exercises to Help You Deal with Pain
  • -Rotator Cuff, Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve,
  • My Own Heart Health Recovery Program (after Open Hear Surgery)

Do It Yourself Workouts (DIY)

You have complete freedom to build your own workouts from the exercise library!

Here's how?

  1. Download a blank workout template.
  2. Pick your warm up exercises.
  3. Pick your focus for the workout.
  4. Add some cool down exercises.
  5. Then specify the # of sets, repetitions and intensity levels

Equipment Demonstrations

How to properly and safely use your equipment!

If you invest in exercise equipment you should get the best return possible. Treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, free weights, suspension, bands, balls etc. I will show you how to use them safely and most effectively.

Nutrition - Maybe 80% of Fitness

A lifetime of study along with Certifications in Nutrition from Cornell University and Precision Nutrition have provided a lot of tools and knowledge that I want to share with you. I will answer questions on my Blog and in the monthly newsletter, ‘Fytsense’.

My Promise not to bombard you with emails!

But you will receive 3-4 emails a month helping you get more out of being a Fytsense V.I.P.

Coming Soon!

More exercises for:

  1. balance, strength, flexibility, fall proofing
  2. functional living exercises
  3. More workouts, seated, on the floor, at home
  4. More nutrition information

All focused on Boomers and Seniors…By a Boomer and Senior!

Get All This Absolutely FREE. I won’t even ask for a credit card!

  • Join yourself or refer the site as a Gift of Health for parents or grandparents!
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